Cozy smaller hotel with big heart

Are you longing for a hotel in the beating heart of the city, and yet love privacy and coziness? We are your answer.

Garni is everything you are looking
for in Kutná Hora

A strategic point for all untamed explorers with a desire for adventure.

It stands on the threshold of the famous Italian Court, thanks to which the famous history of the silver groschen began to be written in Kutná Hora.

Palackého Square, the local center of modern gastronomy and entertainment, is also a few steps away.

The hotel is a quiet harbour that welcomes you with open arms after a busy day full of sightseeing. There are only three rooms on each floor of the hotel, so your moments of relaxation will not be disturbed.

An ideal place for a weekend with friends and family.
To spend some together time , you can use the terrace with barbecue or a common room where you can share unique experiences and moments with your loved ones.

Accommodation that will extend your experience discovering the history.

We filled all the rooms with castle-style furniture, so that you stay tuned to the important history of the city even after returning from the trip.

Story of the hotel

So our dream and dad’s wish came true – we started doing business together. My little brother and I went into the hotel business.

Michal Berka and Daniel Berka

“After an absolutely inappropriately chosen field of electrical engineering management at my secondary school in Kutná Hora, I started selling electronics. I felt like I didn’t want to do this job my whole life, but I also didn’t know what to do with myself. So I went to Britain. I tried a lot of positions from babysitting, through storekeeper to supervisor. After three years, I returned to the Czech Republic.

Deprived of some of my laziness, gaining diligence and English language, I was given the opportunity to start a new logistic company that still operates today. In 2015, I received an offer to become a hotel manager, and because I knew nothing about hospitality and gastronomy, I accepted it. This was the first time I found myself in the field of hospitality and gastronomy. After years of hard work, after many victories and falls, the hotel began to operate well in all aspects. And I’ve found out that that is exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

When I had to leave this hotel, with pain in my heart, at the beginning of 2022, a new opportunity suddenly arose in the form of the administration of the Vlašský dvůr and Garni hotel.

And I see this opportunity as my chance in life. I’m starting to work on something with my family, I’m really happy about that and I’m really looking forward to it.

Michal Berka

Daniel was born for gastronomy. He has had a feeling for preparing perfectly tasty dishes from an early age.

After primary school, Daniel joined the Hotel School in Poděbrady (at least one of us studied what he was supposed to). Thanks to his dexterity, he quickly began to gain experience in the best hotels in the Czech Republic and Europe. We almost didn’t get him back from the Dunraven Arms Hotel in Ireland.

Eventually, we succeeded and he even began studying Business at Newton College. Not only will his knowledge come in handy, but he is only a short distance from becoming the first engineer with a degree in our family.

With his attention to detail when serving or perfecting dishes, he will be the one to take care of the hotel breakfast.

Daniel Berka

Big thanks belongs to our friends and family who helped us to make our dream come true.